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What Is Raloxifene
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What Is Raloxifene

Related post: within the subsidy timeframes, examples include a service user is moving away, is in hospital, going overseas, or has died. If requested by the DHB or its agent each pharmacy must prepare and produce a report, either in hardcopy or by electronic, of all Prescription Items claimed as Uncollected and/or Uncollected Repeats. This report is to include the following information: Patient Name and address, unique identifying number of the Prescription Item, deemed date of dispensing, medicine name (including strength and form), quantity, and claim date. Pharmacy Raloxifene Cost Procedures Manual | 1 March 2010 18 An annotation is text written by a pharmacist. Any annotation should clearly differentiate the information added by the pharmacist from that written by the prescriber, preferably using green ink unless the prescriber has written in green. If possible all annotations should be adjacent to the prescription Raloxifene Osteoporosis item. . Prescriptions should be annotated: a. Where it is required by regulations, or b. Where it is necessary for clarification, or c. Where it is required for subsidy, including those outlined in the Pharmaceutical Schedule e.g. Cost Brand Source, Multiple-Patients. d. Where there is no Patient category code or status code on the prescription or when it is known to be erroneous. Changes made to the category codes by the pharmacist must be initialled and reflected in the Pharmacists may annotate prescriptions Raloxifene Hydrochloride with clarifications to: d. Brand (the pharmacist may only annotate a change of brand subject to the substitution rules contained in the Medicines Regulations)  The reason for any variance between the original prescription and the electronic record must be annotated on the prescription. Note: �C.B� can be used as an abbreviation for  Subject to the rules of the Pharmaceutical Schedule, where there is a financial implication for the DHB the pharmacist cannot increase the quantity of a prescription, without the prescriber signing the alteration  Non-subsidised items should be identified.  Manual Claimants should annotate the brand dispensed on any generic prescription where more than one brand is subsidised. An endorsement is text written by a prescriber on a prescription. The Pharmaceutical Schedule defines the requirements, which may vary from time to time. Where an endorsement is required on a prescription it must either be: a. Hand-written, or computer generated on the prescription by the prescriber; or b. Where it is not hand-written, or computer generated by the prescriber, and where it is specified in the Pharmaceutical Schedule, be initialled by the prescriber; and c. Where it has been altered or added to by the pharmacy, be initialled by the prescriber. 4.11 Alteration to Quantity Dispensed An alteration What Is Raloxifene made by a pharmacist to the unit Raloxifene 60 Mg quantity dispensed is one that does not affect the end amount of medicine prescribed to the Patient. The Patient will get the same dosage of medicine in the following example: the prescription reads �500 mg, one tablet per day, 30� and the pharmacist dispenses �250 mg tablets, two tablets per day, 60.� In this case, the pharmacist has altered the unit quantity, and subsequent dosage instructions, without changing the total daily dose or frequency ordered by the prescriber. Pharmacy Procedures Manual | 1 March 2010 19 Alternatively, a change from tablets to mixtures is deemed appropriate as long as both the individual dose and total daily dose is not altered. In the above example, if there is no additional cost to the District Health Board the pharmacist can annotate and sign the changes. For any alteration made by the pharmacist to the quantity dispensed, if there is a financial implication or increased cost to the DHB:  The pharmacist must annotate and sign the reason for the change  The change must be authorised and signed by the prescriber.  In cases where PHARMAC has approved and notified in writing such a change in dispensing of a named pharmaceutical due to an out of stock event or short supply, the pharmacist must annotate and initial the alteration. 4.12 Cost, Brand, Source (CBS) Where CBS is indicated against a medicine in the Pharmaceutical Schedule or if the item is an Exceptional Circumstances medicine not in the Pharmaceutical Schedule (as described in the Pharmacy Agreement), the medicine is eligible for subsidy on the basis of the Pharmacists annotation of purchase price, brand and source of supply. The purchase price should be GST exclusive. The Pharmaceutical Schedule requires that the purchase price, brand and source of supply be annotated. Alternatively a copy of the invoice for the purchase of the Pharmaceutical may be attached to the prescription, in the place of an annotation, in order to be eligible for Subsidy. The details of the purchase may be subject to audit, and all receipts of purchase must be kept and available for audit. 4.13 Original Pack Dispensing  If an item has the letters �OP� Raloxifene Buy in the pack size column of the Pharmaceutical Schedule, then payment is made to the nearest original unit size  The pack size dispensed should be the closest size to meet the dosage instructions, and will be reimbursed for the total subsidy per OP dispensed. Example: Collapsible Tube (if defined as �OP� in the Pharmaceutical Schedule): Locoid Lipo cream Apply bd 15g. Even though the prescription only calls for 15g, the pharmacist can claim 1OP or 30g. If the Locoid prescription had called for 50g, the pharmacist can claim 2OP 4.14 Oral Antibiotic Liquids Where a prescriber has written a prescription for a reconstitutable oral liquid antibiotic indicated in the Pharmaceutical Schedule as an original pack, and the dispensing of which would require the pharmacist to break into another pack, the pharmacist should reduce the amount dispensed to the quantity contained in a whole pack provided that the reduction in the amount dispensed is less than 10% of an original pack and in the reasonable opinion of the pharmacist will not effect the efficacy of the course of treatment. Pharmacy Procedures Manual | 1 March 2010 20 5ml tds for 7 days = 105ml 10ml stat, 5ml tds for 7 days = 110ml Remainder can be claimed if unused Where a pharmacist dispenses a part pack of a proprietary product, subsidy is based on the appropriate portion of the pack size listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule, unless the item lists �OP� in the pack size column of the Schedule. At the time of dispensing the pharmacist must keep a record of the Buy Raloxifene quantity discarded. To ensure wastage is reduced, the pharmacis should reduce the amount dispensed to make it equal to the quantity contained in a whole pack where: a) the difference of the amount dispensed and the amount prescribed by the Practitioner is less than 10% (e.g; if a prescription is for 105mls then a 100ml pack would be dispensed); and b) in the reasonable opinion of the pharmacis the difference would not affect the efficacy Raloxifene Hci of the course of treatment prescribed by the Practitioner. The Close Control rule is detailed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Below is a copy of the rule and a flow chart explaining how the rule works. �Close Control� means the dispensing of a Community Pharmaceutical, in accordance with a Prescription, in quantities less than one 90 Day Lot (or for oral contraceptives, less than one 180 Day Lot) for a Community Pharmaceutical referred to in Section F Part I, or in quantities less than a Monthly Lot for any other Community Pharmaceutical, where any of a), b) or c) apply. a) All of the following conditions are met: i) the Community Pharmaceutical has been prescribed for a patient who: 1) is not a resident in a Penal Institution, Rest Home or Residential Disability Care 2) either of the following: i) in the opinion of the prescribing Practitioner is: c) unable to manage their medication without additional support; or d) intellectually impaired; or e) requires close monitoring due to recent initiation onto, or dose change for, the Community Pharmaceutical (applicable to the patient�s first changed Prescription only); and f) requires that Community Pharmaceutical to be dispensed in a smaller quantity than that for which it is currently funded, or Pharmacy Procedures Manual | 1 March 2010 21 ii) the Community Pharmaceutical is any of the following: a) a tri-cyclic antidepressant; or
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